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Georgia will Enjoy Renewed 100 GEL Banknotes From November

From November the new 100 GEL banknote will be introduced into circulation alongside the existing currency. The new money will depict the same iconic faces but will have a vastly different and more vibrant look with additional elements.

The front side features a 12th-century Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli, while the back side shows Tbilisi Opera House.

To prevent the new banknotes from counterfeiting, well studied security features were used, which are easily comprehensible for the population, satisfy the requirements and modern usage trends of quick payment devices and are reliable security features.

On the obverse side an illustration from the poem “Knight in the Tiger’s Skin”, one of the pages from the first printed version of the poem, composition with biblical subject “Daniel in Lion’s Den” from Martvili Monastery relief and the text “Martvili. VII c.” (which was on the reverse side of the first issue banknote) were added to emphasize the content. Shota Rustaveli’s different portrait was used with improved relief and volume, which allows for easier identification of the denomination.

On the reverse side of the banknote a photo of the Zakaria Paliashvili’s National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet, a street lamp, a fragment from the score of the State Anthem of Georgia (to retain the theme of the banknote in denomination of 2 Lari) and also the Coat of Arms of Georgia (as an obligatory attribute to be added to the banknote) were added.