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Natia Turnava: Inflow of Long-Term Investments Grow

Volume of long-term investments are rising in the country over the past period, Natia Turnava, deputy executive director of Partnership Fund, noted. Activation of private players signifies that we have healthy and valuable business environment, Natia Turnava said.

“Major infrastructure projects, airports or seaports projects cannot be implemented without long-term investments. Long-term investments have their own characteristics. Returns are higher, prices also grow, but risks are also higher. Everything may happen in geopolitics and market.

Today a growth in long-term investments signifies that our investment environment has changed and it has become attractive and open. Similar investments were made in previous period too, however, they were mainly supplied from international financial institutions, which even today play significant role, but their interest is not only commercial but they are also oriented on development, political and strategic aspects. Therefore, they take higher risks. Over the past period more private players have appeared and this also signifies we have healthy business environment”, Turnava said.