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Mutso Restoration-Rehabilitation Process Comes to End

Mutso restoration-rehabilitation project will be finished in 2018, BM.Ge was told at National Agency for Culture Heritage Protection. Upper Section of the village will be fully rehabilitated and infrastructure will be arranged in 2018.

Initiated by National Agency for Culture Heritage, the project is being implemented since 2014 with the support of Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection and with the financial support of Cartu Foundation.

The fourth phase of the project was finished in 2017 and Towers and structures of Middle and Lower Sectors were rehabilitated. Ruined and damaged facades were restored in its authentic form and due hydro-insulation was applied for roofing structures. About 20 towers were restored as part of the project.

The state budget has spent 1.540 million GEL on Mutso rehabilitation in 2014-2015. As to 2016-2018, a private charity foundation spent 1.215 million GEL on the project implementation.

The Agency representatives expect the private sector to show interest in the complex after completion of rehabilitation works for developing hotel and tourism business in the village of Mutso.