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Global Promotion Group – New Opportunities in Real Estate, Migration and Investment Sector

Interview with the CEO of Global Promotion Group George Gocheleishvili.

What does Global Promotion Group do?

Global Promotion Group – international consulting company offering foreign companies a full range of services in the field of real estate, migration and investment to enter the European market, the CIS market, countries of the Gulf Region, and also Ukraine and Georgia.

Our company more than 8 years specializes in organizing private events on the topic of real estate, migration and investment. In the autumn season 2018 we hold 7 exhibitions in different cities and countries, including 2 exhibitions in Georgia: in Batumi on September 12-13 and in Tbilisi on September 15-16.

What are the peculiarities of your exhibitions?

First, the format: we divide the audience into professionals (the 1st day of the exhibition) and direct clients (the 2nd day of the exhibition). Our exhibitions are private, which means that visiting the exhibition is possible only by invitation or pre-registration. Thanks to the innovative method developed by Global Promotion Group, combining modern advertising tools and taking into account the individual needs of visitors and exhibitors, we draw only the prepared target audience of potential partners and direct clients/investors.

Secondly, the business program: within the framework of the exhibition there are a Round table (discussion of the current situation of Georgia real estate markets and opportunities for cooperation), workshop, series of presentations.

Thirdly, participation packages include from 4 to 30 guaranteed meetings with potential buyers and partners, an advertising budget and a ready-made video presentation of your company after the exhibition.

What is the «guaranteed meetings» ?

In addition to the usual communication with visitors, exhibitors have an opportunity to receive from 4 to 30 pre-scheduled meetings (the number of meetings depends on the selected participation package and the date of signing the agreement; the earlier you sign, the more meetings you get). All the guaranteed meetings are coordinated with the participant of the exhibition, after that the contacts of the approved clients and partners are transmitted so that the participant has time to communicate with them in advance and prepare for a personal meeting at the exhibition, which increases the chances of concluding a deal and signing a contract.

What is included in the participation package?

Participants can choose from 4 participation packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Sponsorship. Each of the packages differs in price, number of representatives from the company-participant, the set of services included in the package and the size of the stand. These options allow participant to choose a specific set of services that is suitable for the company-participant and its budget.

The packages include: exhibition space (a table for negotiations, chairs, roll up, plasma TV), advertising budget for advancement in the Internet, guaranteed meetings, presentation of the company-participant, its products and services on one or both days of the exhibition, participation in the Round Table, badge, diploma of participation, information about the company on the web-site of the event, information about the company in the exhibition printed catalog, distribution of printed advertising material.

What kind of advertising campaign do you conduct for companies-participants?

Each participation package includes a separate advertising budget to promote the company participating in the exhibition and its facilities. The following advertising opportunities are available: advertising on portals, contextual advertising (Google and Yandex), promotion in social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube), email blast to data base of Global Promotion Group and partners.

We also hold advertising after the exhibition: during the event materials will be recorded, and on this basis will be mounted a presentation video clip of your company for promotion through Youtube.

Who should take part in your exhibitions?

We invite for participation: large and medium-sized developers, real estate agencies, banks, consulting, legal, investment and migration companies. Main goal is meetings with potential clients, investors and partners for making deals.

Who are visitors of the exhibitions?

On the first day of the event, agencies of the local and foreign real estate market, migration agencies and consulting companies, as well as professional investors are invited. The main interest is to expand the portfolio of partners and proposals, as well as to find beneficial investment proposals.

The second day of each event is dedicated to communication with direct buyers. The main purpose of the visit is, of course, the acquisition of real estate, investment opportunities, as well as answers to questions concerning obtaining a second citizenship, residence permit and migration in general.

Where and how do your events take place?

We hold exhibitions in 5* hotels of well-known international networks. All conditions are created to ensure that participants and visitors communicate in the most modern and comfortable environment. During the breaks of business program, a coffee break is organized; all visitors have access to Wifi. By the way, every hotel where the event is held, provides special conditions for accommodation for our participants.

Will the exhibitions in Batumi and Tbilisi differ from previous exhibitions held by Global Promotion Group?

The format of exhibitions will remain in general, but there will be two main differences.

First, 80% of the participants will not be foreign agencies and developers, but Georgian companies. The remaining 20% will be foreign companies.

Secondly, we are organizing a delegation consisting of representatives of the CIS countries, the Baltic states and the Gulf Region countries. Our delegates are foreign real estate agents who are already engaged in or are planning to engage in real estate in Georgia, as well as potential investors and buyers of Georgian real estate.

We hope that our exhibitions will become landmark events in the field of real estate in Georgia!