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Valuable Competition is Beneficial for Customers Says Parliamentarian

Ani Mirotadze, member of the parliament majority faction, talks about the pharmaceutical market prices and their reduction reasons.

According to the AYFB research, over the past 4 months medication prices are declining. The AYFB collects information about price changes on 200 most in-demand medication. Do you agree with this report?

I welcome this tendency. A major part of our citizens are socially vulnerable persons. These preferences will work for those who need medications and there may be nothing better. Many countries apply insurance packages for socially unprotected citizens. I believe Georgian citizens will live an honorable life.

Humanity Georgia has introduced cheaper medications on the pharmaceutical market. Do you agree the appearance of this company has inspired reduction in medication prices?

-My interest is that all patients have access to required medications. If we achieve this goal, it does not matter who enters and why. If medication prices could have been lowered earlier, why have not the existing companies lowered prices before?

What will be the effect of entrance of new players into the market? Should we expect the competition to increase?

Valuable competition is favorable for our consumers. Monopolist companies do not have competitors and they set arbitrary prices. When one medication is sold at only one pharmacy, the company sets desirable prices. When the same medication is sold in two, three and more pharmacies, prices are lowered. Therefore, the companies should work on lower profits margin and offer better quality to our citizens.

How would you appraise the government’s decision to let the market regulate medication prices itself by attracting new players ?

The Authorities cannot regulate prices. The Authorities can just ensure competitive environment, where all companies will be able to operate and the rules of games will be regulated in this way.