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RMG: We are Miners and we Know How to Protect Environment and People

”Getting the subsoil is quite specific field. There are very few mining companies in our country. This is an important area for Georgia’s economy, but it must be correct to ensure not to cause a harm to nature, ” The executive director of RMG, Johnny Shubitidze, said in his interview with “Banks and Finance”.

“We are professionals in this field and we know how to do it properly to prevent damage to nature. It is unacceptable to me the position of the opponents whose interests is well known and who only care about personal benefits.

Virtually none of them are professionals. We work according to the law, the state can’t be developed without business. What happens next if we stop? There are at least 3,000 households, plus taxes that are very important for the entire region, because more than half of the state budget is filled by our companies.

The so-called opponents do not worry, because it’s easier for them to shout, do shows, block the roads to threaten and extort money from us.

We have offered to conduct joint research, create monitoring groups, but they didn’t follow, where we see their real face. We have fully studied the risks of our own production, as well as state did and has offered us with relevant deadlines to improve.

The actions have been initiated in this direction and the rest is not our business. This is a political show of opponents and an attempt to think about their pocket. Perhaps they missed old time will be when businesses were frightened by these methods, “Shubitidze considers.

Shubitidze spoke about the healthcare background in the region and noted that the opinion as situation in this direction is hard, not true.

“Various groups are reporting that in the region where we work health care is worsening. In fact, the main diseases that our opponents talk about, according to official statistics, are no different from other regions, and on the contrary, many regions are far behind these indicators. Some of the opponents also said that we should fund the bacterial researches in the region and that we refuse to do so. Once again, I declare that the company is ready to fund any research aimed at studying health in the region! It is in our interest to show the truth once again and end it forever.  “- Shubitidze says.