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The Right Balance Between Regulations and Public Health Should be Defended

Undertaking of profound interagency technical preparatory work is the minimum requirement in the process of adoption similar kind of decision – this is a normal course of events, – Prime Minister responded to the question concerning the decision of the Minister of Defense posed by the journalists.

According to the Prime Minister, linking of the recruitment process with NATO standards is a bit of misinterpretation on the part of Tina Khidasheli.

Prime Minister indicated that pursuant to the further implementation plan, the universal conscription shall be abolished – this general attitude has been adopted during the presidency of Saakashvili.

Nevertheless such multidimensional issues require profound preliminary technical preparation.

“Due to the multidimensionality of similar decisions, they require engagement of number of agencies, including Ministry of Regional development and Infrastructure. I believe that this issue is also related to finances.

Hence, such kind of decisions are not announced in advance, without holding technical preparations. By all means, this decision and the fact that we are moving in this direction is well-known. However, this kind of decisions are not made at press conferences and press briefings.

It is normal to undergo at least the profound interagency technical preparations before adopting such decision. This is the bottom-line. I think that we have to eliminate the misunderstanding. My recommendation to Tina would be discussing this issue within the frames of working format,” – Prime Minister stated.

Head of the Government articulated that abolishing of universal conscription is not considered and by this decision, Minister of Defense declines the possibility of receiving additional contingent. Pursuant to the Prime Minister, discussions shall be held primarily at the Parliamentary Committee of the Government and the Security Council.

“I consider that the whole format shall be reviewed in the process of implementation. Definition of strategic direction is not sufficient to take the decision instantly. There is no need to stir up the events and I consider that we shall discuss it in the working format,” – Prime Minister indicated.

Pursuant to the Prime Minister, it is not critically important to decide said issue by the upcoming Warsaw Summit. Head of the Government considers that Georgia is ready for the Warsaw Summit.

“Our demand is to increase the substantial package that we enjoy with NATO. Hence, I consider that deciding this issue before the Warsaw Summit is not critically important, The decision shall be made in a steady rhythm without any rush,” – Giorgi Kvirikashvili stated.

Head of the Government was also asked about the post of the Minister of Defense. Giorgi Kvirikashvili considers that discussion of this topic today would be inappropriate.

“Regardless of whether we remain together to go in separate directions, every decision will be made in a civilized format. There is no need to stir up events,” – Prime Minister indicated.

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