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Pharmaceutical Industry Representatives Welcome Humanity-Georgia Entering Georgian Market

Humanity-Georgia pharmaceutical company has completed signing agreements on cooperation with the leading pharmaceutical networks in Georgia. In several days the Georgian consumers will be able to buy cordial medicines at 30% lower prices at all major pharmacy networks in Georgia.

In the near future, pharmacy networks of Aversi, Impex-Pharma, PSP, People’s Pharmacy, Pharmadepot, Pharm House and GPC will receive other groups of medications too.

Georgia based pharmaceutical companies have positively appraised an appearance of Humanity Georgia pharmaceutical company. This is an additional sample that the pharmaceutical market is competitive, while the competition originates progress and combination of all these factors make benefit to our consumers.

“Our main direction is related to the quality of medications. All of these medications are made at GMP-quality plants. Moreover, we additionally carry out serial examination at the laboratories certified by the World Health Organization (WHO). At the first stage, we import the most in-demand products, namely a set of cordial medicines. In the course of time we will expand our portfolio and cover a major part of therapy groups for treatment of patients”, Humanity Georgia director general Andrey Kuzma noted.

People’s Pharmacy director general Archil Morchiladze said, the company, as an ordinary distributor of medications, welcomes the new company plans to enter the Georgian pharmaceutical market. He also positively appraised the Humanity Georgia strategy for prioritizing social goals, first, and following commercial goals on the next stage.

“Based on our own principles, People’s Pharmacy operates all over Georgia, including in highland regions, where no other networks have penetrated. Consequently, these medications that are imported by Humanity Georgia may be supplied to any region of Georgia”, Archil Morchiladze said.

I believe the entrance of a new company on the market, is a good start. First of all, this is an European-level medications with quality control and we welcome this fact in itself. All these efforts will make benefit to the Georgian consumer. We are ready for cooperation and in the future we will do more.

“Somebody might think the new company will bring problems to the existing pharmaceutical companies, but this is an erroneous position. Aversi works in the pharmaceutical business in two directions:  first, the network of pharmacies and the pharmaceutical production. In the context of network of pharmacies, Humanity Georgia is the same partner and supplier as all existing partners such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Sanofi, Aventis and so on. Our objective is to provide all Aversi pharmacies with the medications that are registered by the Georgian Health Ministry. We want the Aversi network to satisfy the needs and requirements of any consumer and to enable them to buy any medications available in Georgia. As to the production, any pharmaceutical manufacturer is a competitor for Aversi and it is absolutely unimaginable that the market exist without competition and only one production exist, or maybe two or three.

Georgia follows the strategy when any business company, Georgian and foreign ones are able to operate on the market without restrictions so as to make benefit to the consumer in terms of quality and prices. Therefore, we believe that competition drives progress. If we did not have competitors for the past 20-22 years, Aversi could not have made progress and attain the current success and we could not have touched the current heights. Therefore, I welcome the new pharmaceutical company entering the market, because this is the opportunity for the Georgian population to have wider option and this fact enables doctors to valuably select medications. At the next stages, everything depends on the operation of Humanity Georgia staff and the attitude of doctors and our population to the specific pharmaceutical company. We wish you all the best, because your success is our success, and our success is your success”, Aversi director general Paata Kurtanidze noted.

GPC director general David Kiladze stressed the peculiarity of the Georgian pharmaceutical market:

“The Georgian market records sharp competition that has created the environment when the pharmaceutical market in Georgia is the most developed as compared to other Post-Soviet countries. The entrance of a new company proves this consideration,”Kiladze said.

This signifies the market is open to all innovations. We welcome the new company and we consider it a Generics supplier company. This issue is not a new one for us. GPC has been operating in this direction for several years and we welcome the assortment of generics grows. We appraise this company as the new partner that will supply high-quality medications to us at affordable tariffs.

PSP director general Gocha Gogilashvili positively appraises the entrance of the new company and talks about the importance of Humanity Georgia portfolio:

“We consider Humanity Georgia to be one of the suppliers, but unlike all other suppliers, the company is bringing much portfolio and a long list of medications. We cooperate with more than 100 manufactures. Therefore, it is our obligation to make any in-demand medication, that is registered at the Health Ministry, attainable to the Georgian population and our society. Therefore, we are partners”.

The director of the Pharmadepot retail network is sure that Humanity Georgia will be a success in terms of sales of medications. Nutsa Monavardisashvili said Humanity Georgia has brought much portfolio and this factor will expand a public access to medications.

Pharma House  is a retail network. Consequently, the cooperation with Humanity Georgia is of crucial importance and the market will receive much benefits, the company director general David Kobulia said.

The new company will  make the competitive environment healthier, Impex Pharma director David Kokhreidze said. The Humanity Georgia’s entrance will promote the sector development, Kokhreidze said.

The above-mentioned statements prove Georgia-based pharmaceutical companies welcome the entrance of Humanity Georgia into the Georgian market. The competition drives progress and the new company will develop the market and foster lowering prices on medications, they assert. If Humanity Georgia offers competitive price policy in relation to  the existing medications in the retail network, other suppliers will also have to lower prices. As to the quality of medications imported by Humanity Georgia, the heads of the pharmaceutical companies noted that they trust the Health Ministry that is responsible for the quality of Georgia-registered medications.

The partnership Fund’s executive director David Saganelidze:

“The project for sales of affordable medications is being carried out jointly by Humanity Georgia and the Partnership Fund as part of the Georgian Government’s resolution. At the next stage, imports of medications will be replaced by the domestic production of medications. The objective of the Partnership Fund’s involvement in the project is to ensure a supply of high-quality medications to the Georgia market at 30% lower tariffs prior to inauguration of the domestic pharmaceutical production. This move will considerably save the medication costs as part of the universal healthcare program.

We have achieved our goal. Medication prices are decreasing. This was our pre-election promise. As to the quality of medications imported by Humanity Georgia, the Georgian Health Ministry controls this issue and no medication without certificates and due documents will be supplied to the retail networks in Georgia.

I am proud Humanity Georgia is related to Alexander Mashkevich. He is the worldwide known businessman who is interested in the Georgian pharmaceutical market and plans to make huge investments in this sector, because he is sure the business sector is protected in our country and there is attractive taxation regime and investment environment”, David Saganelidze told the joint news-conference.