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Pasha Bank Hosted Healthcare Sector Development Conference

Pasha Bank hosted the third business conference in the frame of MEETING ROOM. The topic of the conference was Healthcare Sector Development.

The aim of the conference was to gather healthcare sector employees and interested individuals. There were healthcare development strategies discussed: survey of Georgian Healthcare system, capital as a vital condition for the development of the sector, current situation in healthcare sector and future perspectives, establishment of hospital processes in the developing and dynamic healthcare system, integration of private insurance system in the universal healthcare, successful healthcare projects in the regions, financial support of healthcare projects.

“We are happy to host the third Business Conference of MEETING ROOM which will focus on the issues of healthcare system. The topics of the previous meetings were: “Hotels Development in Georgia” and “Development of Renewable Energies based on Hydro Power Plant’s example.”

We hope that the experience which will be shared at the event will be valuable for the participants, especially for those, who are interested to invest in this sector”- declared the Commercial Director and the member of Board of Directors, Goga Jafaridze.

As a financial manager of Vivo Medical, Ana Kurkhuli declared, it is important that Pasha Bank supports such kind of event. According to her, healthcare sector development is in the active phase and it is important that customers receive a high quality service. It has to be noted that, it is important to manage quality control and management in general should be a priority, which is not very developed in Georgia.

According to the head of Policy Department at Ministry of Healthcare of Georgia, Ketevan Goginashvili, there are few issues at the department and extra expenses are one of them. She noted that it is important to decrease such kind of expenses and she talked about the importance of collaboration between private and state sectors.

Ketevan Goginashvili revealed that in July, government will start supporting vulnerable groups with chronic illnesses with medicine.

At the same time, there are discussions with parliament to come up with healthcare sector development plans and by August, there should be some results.

MEETING ROOM is a project initiated by Pasha Bank. It is series of businesses focused on different sectors to create a new platform to share experiences and ideas of professionals from these fields.