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Office First aid kit

Office First Aid Kit Price Grows by 3 GEL

The Healthcare Platform nongovernmental organization continues publishing the list and prices of various medicine kits as part of the Pharma Monitor project. At this stage, the organization has explored the price of medications of the office medicine kit and compared the June prices to the May indicators.

According to the May report, the office medicine kit price totaled 89 GEL, while the figure has risen to 92 GEL. The office medicine kit price has increased slightly as a result of growth in prices of several medications. The price of Ambroxil was 0.85 GEL in May and 0.95 GEL in June; The price of Ketorolak also increased to 2.22 GEL.

Detailed information on the list and prices of medications is given in the chart.


The Healthcare Platform NGO continues examining changes in prices of medications of the Panaskerteli Pharmacy and updating information in permanent regime for interested bodies and the whole society.