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Hospital Rukhi

Multi Profile Hospital to Be Constructed in Rukhi

In the beginning of the next year multi functional university hospital with a capacity of 220 patients will be opened in Rukhi.

The construction works are in the active phase. Completed and ongoing works were visited by Prime Minister of Georgia and the members of the Cabinet.
The main building of the hospital has been completed and the construction of auxiliary buildings is ongoing.

As it was noted by the Minister of Health Davit Sergeenko, the classrooms and the library, as well as – sports facilities, swimming pools and parks for medical students and residents of the clinic will be constructed on the territory of the hospital.

According to the minister, after opening of the clinic, up to 600 people will be employed.
Following the launch of the clinic, residents of Rukhi and the nearby villages will not have to travel to Zugdidi to get medical care.

The hospital will also serve patients from other regions, including Abkhazia. 92-bed dormitory will be constructed for the residents, family members and relatives of the patients brought to the clinic for the treatment.

The cost of the project is 41 264 000 GEL and is completely financed from the state budget. During the construction works 154 persons are employed. Most of them are local residents.