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Most High-Income Clinics in Georgia

As of today, the largest supporter of the medical business is the state budget, accordingly, we offer the top ten of clinics that have received the most funding of the state healthcare program.

See the list of clinics together with the funding received within the program.

1.”Geo Hospitals Ltd” – 35,976,916.19 GEL
2. Medical Corporation  “Evex” – 32,426,321.30 GEL
3. High Medicine Technology Center University Clinic Ltd – 23,884,544.28 GEL
4. Unimed Kakheti Ltd – 22,821,033.67 lari.
5. JSC “K. Eristavi’s house Experimental and Clinical Surgery National Center “- 21,328,606.10
6. Tskhakaia’s National Center for Intervention Medicine of West Georgia – 19,930,620.40 GEL
7. Sho academician O. Gudushauri National Medical Center – 17,947,678.94 GEL
8. M. Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital – 14,653,147.17 GEL.
9. The First Hospital ltd – 14,383,294.29 GEL
10. Unemedi Adjara LLC – 13,195,703.29 GEL.

The universal healthcare program has been operating since 2013 and has spent more than 2 billion GEL in the meantime. According to experts the number of clinics involved in the program is growing.