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June Records Slight Decline in Price of First Aid Kit

The Healthcare Platform nongovernmental organization has published a report on list and prices of medications of the first aid kit, following reports for baby and children medicine kits.

The organization has explored the price and composition of the first aid kid as part of the Pharma Monitoring program.

The organization has explored a reasonable list of accessories and medications for first aid kit that largely determine the fate of a person and ensure timely and valuable assistance. The report shows that in June the first aid kit’s price has declined by only 1 GEL to 126 GEL as compared to May 2016.


Prices of medications were examined at 4 leading pharmacy networks: the price of Ibuprofen has declined to 2.65 GEL from 2.80 GEL; the price of Ketorolak has decreased to 1.22 GEL from 1.35 GEL; The price of Kaptopril has declined to 3.81 GEL from 4.38 GEL; the price of Oxolin Ointment decreased to 0.95 GEL from 1.10 GEL. The price of Rehidron Optim declined by 0.05 GEL and Festal cheapened by 0.02 GEL; The price of Salbutamol Sulfat Inhalation aerosol made up 6.95 GEL instead of 7.10 GEL.

The price of Somna-Ritz increased to 5.30 GEL from 4.95 GEL. The price of Ambroxile increased by 0.10 GEL to 1.40 GEL. The price of nitroglycerin increased to 0.95 GEL from 0.85 GEL. Prices have not changed on all other medications.