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International Dermatological Clinic Kani CSR Campaigns Against Several Diseases

Clinic “Kani” is  leader  dermato-venereal clinic  in Transcaucasia. The clinic is special among others for its newest German diagnostic equipment for skin and moles, also for its international standards of treatment.

Since 2014 clinic is constantly developing and enlarging. At this time branch offices are located in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and Marneuli.

We had conversation with the head of Marketing department Sandro Bochorishvili and PR manager Nini Dedalamazishviili. They talked about activities that clinic carried out for people’s needs.

Sandro Bochorishvili

Social campaign #Take care is realized by initiative of  clinic ,,Kani”, which is aimed to take care of people and make them thoughtfull about problems which is caused by sexually transmitted diseases. According to the existing statistics of Georgia in 2015 were recorded 15 000 cases of venereal infections, but we must take into account that aplying to healthcare proffessionals is very low and real number may be more than 1000 000 . Existing data is really alarming because these infections often become a cause of complications such as infertility, erectile dysfunction, deterioration of sexual life and etc.  Take care of your, as well as your partner’s health. Many famous people and psychologists have supported “Kani” in raising awareness of previously mentioned social campaign. Different companies have introduced their activities, also more are yet to be introduced. They are going to support necessity of visiting venerologist, which is essential for demographic development

As you know “Kani” has urine DNA (genetical)  test for diagnosis, which fully fits newest international standards. Urine test may be done for different infections, which is important for everyone, especially for males, because until this, test was done only by smear and the process was very painful for men. According to everything we talked about, we can frankly say that in Georgia, particularly in clinic the “Kani” international standards of diagnosing and treatment of venereal diseases are kept. Social campaign is actively realized by social networks, besides web-page www.venerologia.ge is already functioning, where every volunteer will be able to take part in this activities which is aimed to #take care of each other.

Nini Dedalamazishvili

Social campaign  #forpreventionofskincancer

In Georgia there are many risk factors for development of Melanoma (skin cancer): Due to lack of knowledge about risk factosrs and ignorance of preventive measures. Besides, there is very low motivation among people for applying doctors on time.

For the first time , on April 30, by initiative of clinic “Kani” and association  DODVE ( international association of dermato-oncology, dermatology and  venerology)  worldwide  exhibition of moles of famous peoples’ was arranged. By initiative of the clinic from May 1-6 free diagnosis of moles was carried out as well.

Volunteer envoys against skin cancer are: Nani Bregvadze, Valerian Shiukashvili, Zura Kipshidze,  Kaxa Bakuradze, Nodar Cheishvili, Nikoloz Tsulukidze, Qetevan Qemoklidze, Nanuli Sarajishvili, Aleko Maxaroblishvili.

This exhibition is  aimed to  spread awareness amongst population and significance of mole diagnosis on time.

On March 28-31 International conference by Sprimus Egid in Rene, France was held. There were delegates of different countries. We took recommendations of other countries for our social campaign #takecare

Sexually transmitted diseases are a big danger, nowadays everybody agrees with the necessity of visiting venerologist.

Aim of this social-informative campaign is to make people more aware about the issue. In informal part there was held informative meeting for delegates where they were informed about previously mentioned campaign, also about other services of clinic.

Healthcare starts with information, just because of it our team works actively for people to be informed properly.

In Tbilisi hotel “Iota” On September 13, year 2017  by the presence of  European Union project ,, advocacy of equal capabilities  education and employment of  persons with limited capabilities” was held  conclusive meeting .

Official part of this meeting was opened by general director of European Union’s neighborhood politics and broadening issues, Christian Denielson.  Deputy of healthcare minister also was attended.

There was announced that in our future  plans  is to employ people with limited capabilities.

Department of public relations and marketing in medical sphere  serves for people to make them more informative , also about taking care of preventive medicine, because timely diagnosis and treatment is guarantee for defeating diseases.