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Health Minister: Clinics Must Return Erroneously Received Money

Health Minister David Sergeenko has released his comments on millions of GEL imposed by Social Service Agency on clinics.

Since medical clinics have failed to fulfill their obligations, Social Service Agency has obliged medical clinics to pay more than 13 million GEL. The issue is of 159 medical facilities, including Medalpha and MedCapital founded by Aversi and PSP. Sanctions were also imposed on GeoHospitals.

To obtain corresponding financial resources, clinics must have signed all required documents to confirm that citizens have genuinely received registered examination and treatment services.
According to the existing information, frequently, clinics used to register unnecessary services for attracting excessive financial resources from the state budget.

This money does not represent a fine. This money was erroneously issued to clinics and therefore, they must return this money to the state budget, the Health Minister said.,

„In 2014 the Health Ministry had to tighten sanctions on primary documentation, according to which we pay money to primary health centers. This decision was necessitated because a lot of adulterated documents were supplied. Data were given from election lists, phone books and they requested money for that. In that period the sanctions were toughened. Regretfully, organizations failed to provide adequate reaction and therefore, sanctions introduced in 2014 were applied against them. Through mediation of the Business Ombudsman’s office, the Government meeting discussed this issue a month ago and the penalty component was removed from these companies, but the incorrectly issued budget funds must be returned”, David Sergeenko said.