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Giorgi Gozalishvili: Patients will Benefit from Successful Co-existence between Authorities and Private Sector

The tender announced by the Partnership Fund and the Georgian Health Ministry for developing three specific hospitals in Tbilisi will be finished in the near future.

Austrian company AlphaMedic has got through the final stage of the tender and the company has already submitted its visions and proposals to the Partnership Fund. Total amount of the investments is expected to hit 0.5 billion GEL.

AS reported these three clinics will be developed under the PPP model that is widely applied by many hospitals in Europe and the USA.

MP Giorgi Gozalishvili, a deputy head of the parliament’s health committee, overviews the project details:

The Partnership Fund has announced tender for developing three specific hospitals in Tbilisi.

As a result, the Government and AlphaMedic company are expected to invest about 0.5 billion GEL in the project implementation. What is your opinion on this project?

It is of vital importance for Georgia to implement such a major investment project. I believe everybody guesses that only investments can recover and develop the Georgian economy. The feasibility of this project is another aspect and the government will sign the agreement and control the project implementation. I only welcome this project. Naturally, this is a good event.

These three hospitals will be developed under the so-called PPP model that calls for implementing the project through partnership between the private and state sectors. Do you think this model will justify?

This model has been working in many countries of Europe. I know healthcare system of these countries very well and they are very successful, the English school, the US school. Hence, I am sure this model will justify in Georgia too.

Cost-efficiency is assessed as one of the best aspects of the PPP model.  Moreover, both parties involved, the government and private sector, are interested in successful implementation of the project.

How important is the cost-efficiency component for such a small-budget country as Georgia?

In general, more finances are directed to the health sector compared to the past years. Our patients will only benefit from successful co-existence between the state and the private sector.

Therefore, I fully support this model of cooperation between the government and the private sector. It is very important that the government be able to increase financial injections in the health sector to reach the averaged European country’s indicators in terms of healthcare allocations per capita.

If we manage to achieve all these goals, we will have a genuinely successful health system.