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Georgian Pharmaceutical Companies About Anti-Crisis Plan

Georgian pharmaceutical companies talk about the reasons of dramatic increase of drug prices.

“We do not want drug prices to rise, but at the same time it is hard to maintain the company in such conditions, company can hardly exist without any profit,”Founder of Aversi Paata Kurtanidze said.

According to pharmaceutical companies Georgian market faces crisis and such rise of drug prices is directly connected to devaluation of local currency.

Founder of GPC David Kiladze says in his interview, that their company works according to anti-crisis plan.

PSP founder Kakha Okriashvili denies the fact that company faced possible bankruptcy and notes that despite financial hardships, there is no reason to panic.

It is worth to mention that new pharmaceutical company Humanity-Georgia entered Georgia’s market, company plans to deliver 30% cheaper, of approximately 250 kinds of frequently used drugs.

Healthcare Minister David Sergeenko connects concerns that were raised by Georgia’s leading pharma-companies with the appearance of new pharmaceutical company.

“I moderately express the astonishment, why private companies perceive competition as the risk of bankruptcy. However we aim to provide our citizens with the affordable drugs, because budget of healthcare is not budget of business development”.

With the existing data, products of Humanity-Georgia will be available in couple of weeks in Georgia. Exactly what outcomes will bring its active involvement is hard to say, in fact leading pharma-companies started to decrease the prices of drugs.