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Georgia Records Highest Death Rate because of Air Pollution

“Air pollution level makes Georgia the deadliest country in the world”, this alarming report was published by the International Energy Agency, under which Georgia surpasses China, India, Russia and Nigeria in terms of death records caused by air pollution.

The Government officials name several solutions to improve air pollution indicators in the country.

It is necessary to restore obligatory technical inspection for vehicles, the Georgian Prime Minister noted. “Several years ago it was an absolutely incorrect decision to abolish technical inspection of vehicles. There are excessive child cancer records in the country”, the Prime Minister said.

Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze noted that energy efficient components should be applied in the building process. The Energy Minister noted that gas engine municipal transports would  foster reduction in emissions, the Energy Minister said.

“Besides buses, we should provide much job to ensure energy efficiency in even building sector. Prior to issuing construction permits for new buildings and houses, energy efficiency direction should be maximally taken into account”, Kaladze said.

Moreover, Tbilisi Mayor David Narmania noted that priority should be given to development of green zones  and alternative energy sources for transport.

“The existing situation cannot be appraised as absolutely alarming. For many years the green zones were not developed in many places. Therefore, our objective is to equip municipal transports with alternative energy systems and we plan to introduce municipal buses with gas engine. We are also taking active steps for expanding green zones in the capital city”, Narmania said.