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French Pharmaceutical Group “Servier” Celebrates 15 Years of Operation in Georgia

French pharmaceutical group “Servier” celebrated 15 years of operation in Georgia at an event attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health, industry specialists and company partners. The official meeting was opened by Maia Khetsuriani, Director of Servier in Georgia and the First adviser to French Ambassador Eric Tosatti.

The 15-year history of the company was presented to guests on its very beginnings and the way the office was set up to the spirit of ideas and projects that Servier offers today.

Maia Khetsuriani recalled the development period and path to success. “The support of the French central office was always important”- she said.

The 15 years of Servier was said to have been interesting, diverse and challenging in Georgia. Since 2003, the company has undergone various phases of development. The company is focused on patients and on providing them the best possible therapeutic treatment. Together with the medical community, a number of scientific projects have been implemented to achieve this goal, which brought substantial benefits to doctors in terms of continuous education, as well as to patients in increasing access to quality medicines. Accordingly, the company’s image is associated with high quality, innovation and progress. 94 million patients worldwide are treated with Servier medicines daily.

“Servier has one of the most important place on the Georgian pharmaceutical market”-  noted M. Khetsuriani. “For 15 years, Georgian patients have been able to receive effective treatment. I think this is a sign of remarkable success of our company. I would like to applaud my team, which is distinguished by its professional qualities as well as united spirit, aspiration for novelty and devotion to the cause. Today, Servier is the leader in cardiology and for nearest future  the company plans to occupy the same place in oncology. Despite the upcoming challenges and the growth of the office, we will maintain our values and move on to a new stage of development” – she said.

In 2018 various valuable and unique projects in Cardiology, Endocrinology and Phlebology  were organized by Servier Georgia. During the meetings current medical issues were present in impressive and unique formats to different specialists.

“In 2018, Servier’s first oncologic product was introduced in Georgia. Servier’s office has been actively involved in awareness-raising campaign for colorectal cancer. A number of activities are planned, which include a scientific conference for Georgian oncologists with the participation of international speaker, as well as seminars for oncologists to discuss patient cases. Everything started in 2015, when Taiho Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Servier signed an agreement on the development and commercialization of Lonsurf. Georgian patients have the opportunity to receive Lonsurf through the universal healthcare program with 80% co-funding,” said Maia.

Lonsurf is made to treat metastatic rectal and colon cancers. Lonsurf increases the duration of patients’ lives, improves their quality of life, and enables patients to remain active. Treating with Lonsurf for patients means “more time for moments that matter.”

Servier in worldwide is oriented on the research sector and invests 25% of revenues (one of the highest indicators in the pharmaceutical area) in researching and discovering novelties. It has 16 international research centers worldwide. In 2002, the company received a Galien Prize in recognition of its innovation and creativity in the research field. As a result, Servier medicines in the class are outstanding for their high efficiency and safety. Servier works in five therapeutic areas: cardiology, endocrinology, angiology, neurology, and now in oncology. Doctors have a number of effective management resources for the disease through Servier’s medicines that reduce symptoms, improve patients’ quality of life, and reduce the risk of complications based on nosology. The need for such treatment is high.

Servier, the first independent pharmaceutical group, was founded in 1954. Jacques Servier an academic Doctor of Medicine and Pharmaceutics in Orleans (France), founded a pharmaceutical company of nine employees at the age of 30. Servier is France’s leading independent pharmaceutical company and is the second French pharmaceutical company in the world. Servier opened its first office outside of France in London in 1964. Thereafter, new offices were added annually. Today, Servier works in 149 countries. The company employees more than 21,700, including 3,000 people in the research sector. Georgian office has been part of a big family for 15 years with 42 employees and Representation in 4 regions of Georgia aside from Tbilisi.

Servier has four corporate values: courage for innovation, care for colleagues and patients, and professional growth through sharing and striving to succeed.

By Mariam Merabishvili