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EVEX opens the biggest clinic

EVEX Opens the Biggest Clinic

Clinical and functional planning is implemented by recommendations of JCI (International Joint Commission).

The center will cover all fields of clinical areas for children, as well as adults. Day patient facility will function at the hospital as well. Rehabilitation is carried by “Medical Corporation EVEX”. The corproation invested more than 30 million GEL. One of the largest outpatient facility will serve 30 000 beneficiaries of universal health care insurance.

Hospital part of the centre will start operation in Summer, 2017, which should be equipped with the latest generation of medical equipment and computer operating blocks. Investment made by “Medical Corporation EVEX” in the rehabilitation of former “Lechkombinat” will exceeds 70 million GEL by late 2017. Total area of the medical facility amounts to 35 000 square m.