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Electronic Prescriptions to Become Mandatory Procedure in 2018

Starting 2018 issuance of electronic prescriptions will become an obligatory procedure. Akaki Zoidze, head of the parliament’s heath and social protection committee told the Business Course that introduction of electronic prescriptions is one of the key aspects of the 2018 reform.

“Involvement in the pilot regime could not comply with desirable standards. Therefore, the regulation will become obligatory stage by stage, first of all, in Tbilisi, where neither doctors nor patients will have problems with access to the due technologies. At this stage, electronic prescriptions will become obligatory in Tbilisi and later – all over the country. This reform will enable us to bring order into the field of prescriptions, because everybody knows that today medications are frequently issued without prescriptions.

This reform will also be an advanced step for prevention of polypragmasy, that is issuing prescriptions in huge volumes. This regime will alleviate to clarify which practice of prescription is used by this or that clinic or doctor, how many medications they prescribe and so on. Both patients and doctors, pharmacies and the Ministry will have access to see this prescription. Consequently, it will be easier to provide reaction to the patient’s needs”, Akaki Zoidze said.