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David Saganelidze: New Pharmaceutical Plant will Drive Lowering Medication Prices

In his interview with the Business Contact TV program the Partnership Fund chairman David Saganelidze stressed the importance of Humanity Georgia’s efforts to lower medication prices in Georgia.

As reported, this pharmaceutical company has recently appeared in the Georgian market and introduced medications at 30% lower prices. Skeptic people and opposition political parties will always pose the questions that currently circulate in relation to the recently appeared company, because they ignore the outcomes and results that are widely recognized everywhere today and they are trying to somehow escape this reality, David Saganelidze said.

„Thanks to our co-participation Humanity Georgia has lowered medication prices in two months by 30% on the Georgian pharmaceutical market, while these prices had been dominating for 10-15 years. The fact is that drugs have cheapened. As to other issues, all questions have been responded around the origins of this company, the quality of imported medications and so on”, David Saganelidze said.

Import of mediations was an additional phase of the project that calls for constructing a pharmaceutical plant in Georgia. The construction works will start in the near future, he added.

“The pharmaceutical plant will start operation by 2018 and the basic affect will be reflected on the market after plant inauguration, because medication prices will be further lowered. Not to lose these two years in vain, Humanity Georgia has started medication imports to Georgia and this decision have lowered drug prices by 30%. As to long-term perspectives, the pharmaceutical plant operation will further lower prices”, David Saganelidze noted.