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Competition Should Decrease Prices of Medications: Ministry of Healthcare

Georgian society still express their interests towards new pharmaceutical company Humanity-Georgia. Are their medications of a good quality? Head of pharmaceutical activity department of the Ministry of healthcare David Macharashvili tried to answer this question in his interview at press club Jandacva.ge

I wonder, why entrance of one particular company provoked such a stir, when there are more then 5000 pharmaceutical organizations on the market, David Macharashvili said.

“As for medications that are under the trade licence of Humanity-Georgia, based on expertise evidence I can say that company imports medications with the highest quality,” he added.

I do not promote the company but I know that most of Humanity-Georgia’s medications are manufactured at the best pharmaceutical factories that own EU GMP certificates and they have also passed serial quality control at the laboratories certified by the World Health Organization.

Macharashvili also touched the problem of high prices of drugs on Georgian market and talked about those events that are implemented by the Ministry of Health to regulate this issue.

As for prices of medicines, The government promised to reduce prices of drugs. Society constantly appealed that the prices were drastically high, and the state could not take steps to eliminate this. Mentioned stagnation is because of particular reasons: Firstly there is no legislative mechanism for the state to interfere in the process formation of prices. That is why Government has made a decision to increase competition and expand the market and then decrease prices.

We have already seen results: few TV companies and organizations have conducted studies and discovered that prices of drugs really started to decline.However I would like to emphasize that decrease of prices won’t reflect in quality.

Humanity-Georgia cooperates with Partnership Fund, I thoroughly know their agreement. Apart from this, the company represents certificate of foreign producer and is obliged to trade only medications that are gone through control of EU laboratories.

This is an additional guarantee that the imported products of the company is high quality. Although the Ministry will control. The company is new to market and as soon as their goods will be brought into circulation, we will control the quality at EU and Georgian laboratories.

David Macharashvili answered the stated question, concerning about the registration of “Humanity Georgia” before it would have entered the market:

Compared to other country’s legislations, the registration procedures are simpler and liberal for all of the companies. Meaning that the time, taxes, and the necessary documents for submitting, all those ones are easier and simple.

We are having two regimes: the confessional and the national. There is a possibility of primary import we cannot define as the regime as it is one of the registration procedures. This all are simple not only for “Humanity Georgia”, but also for any other company.

The government has the same approach to all company and once again I repeat that I do not understand the essence why just one company provoked such a stir. The medical products from Humanity Georgia are registering at the same frequency, and at the same time, as well as another companies’ products.

We currently have some suspension letters sent concerning the medicines due to the several inaccuracies were found. Such cases we have because our legislation is not synchron with the EU legislation.

I will give another example: latterly, one company applied to us expressing the desire of participation in the tender although the time was limited and could not finish with the registration procedure. According to the rules seven days were set for this procedure, however, we took into account the situation and just in one day we have managed to solve all problems, in order to support the business.

Nobody points out this and they are just surprised that “Humanity Georgia” registered easily.

Davit Macharashvili explained once again the priorities the Department and Ministry of Health have at current stage. According to him, the most important is quality control, business development and market disclose for all players, price cuts, however the quality should be kept. “The prices must be reduced, whereas the competition should get high”,- says Davit Macharashvili.