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Another Pharmaceutical Factory To Launch in Georgia

In the near future, “Group Anaklia”  company plans to launch a pharmaceutical factory for the production of pharmaceuticals in liquid form, based on a unique mineral water ‘Lugela’ which is known for its high content of natural calcium, an important element in the pharmaceutical industry.

In his interview with “Georgia Today”  Gelani Khalukhaev, President of Group Anaklia,  says that on the basis of ‘Lugela’ components, the company ‘Anaklia’ plans to release more than a dozen pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

In recent years Georgia has taken a stable seat among countries with fast growing economies. Georgian parliament accepted successful legislation in recent years, including the Law ‘on High-mountainous Territories,’ which opens the broadest possibilities for business. It is one of the reasons company ‘Anaklia’ decided to do business in Georgi,” – Khalukhaev said .

Among  the challenges faced by foreign investors in Georgia, Gelani Khalukhaev mentions  Georgia’s law on land which restricts the right of a foreign investor to purchase land for agricultural purposes.

In his words, this creates obstacles to the establishment of industrial enterprises. However, since the beginning of this year, there have been positive developments in addressing this problem.