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American Hospital to Open in Tbilisi

A multiprofile clinic will launch operation in Georgia as part of Georgian-Azerbaijani investment.

project, Block Group executive director Tornike Janashvili told the Commersant. Block Group will hold a 50% stake in the project, he said.

The hospital will be built in the place of the former Traumatology Hospital between Chkheidze and Uznadze Streets. The investment value of the project is 40 million USD, of which 18 million USD will be allocated by Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), Janashvili said. 

The hospital will be operated by American Intercontinental Healthcare Group, he added. Block Group investment company owns 12 polyclinics in Georgia. The company plans to implement many other ambitious projects in Georgia’s hospital sector, jointly with Azerbaijani partners, Janashvili noted.