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ADB to Join Clinics Development Process in Georgia

Asian Development Bank (ADB) plans to participate in clinics development process in Georgia. The issue was discussed at the meeting with ADB private and public partnership (PPP) office coordinator Joseph Lim.

The parties discussed clinics development potential and existing situation in the country.

We are ready to participate in this sector and negotiate the issue with various Ministries, Joseph Lim said.

The Fund management transmitted detailed information to the guest about three hospitals owned by Partnership Fund. These hospitals are: 

1. LLC Academician Nikoloz Kipshide Central University Clinic (the sol-called Republican Hospital).
2. JSC Universal Medical Center (the so-called Oncology Hospital).
3. LLC Tbilisi Children Infections Clinic Hospital.

These state-owned hospitals were transmitted to Partnership Fund at the end of 2015 for drawing investments and developing clinics.