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Ian Kelly, Sergeenko, Healthcare
Health Minister David Sergeenko and US ambassador Ian Kelly/ Photo Ministry of Health

90% of Patients in Georgia Recovered From C Hepatitis Virus

“The treatment of Hepatitis C will continue in Georgia until the virus has been eliminated from the country and all sufferers are cured,” Georgia’s healthcare Minister David Sergeenko says.

David Sergeenko announced a new-generation, Hepatitis C medicine, Harvoni was introduced in Georgia which had a “100 percent cure rate”.


Harvoni is produced by famous pharmaceutical firm Gilead. The company gave the medicine to Georgia free of charge. Harvoni cost €110,000 per person for one course of treatment.

Harvoni is a new Hepatitis C drug which is a combination of Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir.

During the first stage of the Hepatitis C elimination program Georgia used Gilead’s medicine Sofosbuvir, also free of charge.

From the beginning of C hepatitis elimination program, 7000 patients started the rehabilitation program. More than 3000 patients have recovered from the virus. This medication will enable 20 000 patients to recover from the virus annually.