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Young Georgians Employed by Google

One of the biggest companies in the world ”Google” employed two Georgian specialists recently.

It should be noted that both are the Free University of Computer Science and Mathematics School (MACS) graduate.
One of them is Lasha Lakiberia, who started working in the company a few weeks ago, and the other – Tornike Mandzulashvili, who has completed the achievements of the students at Google.
As Tornike says, he was interested in computer science since ninth grade. It was at this time that the information technology center “Mziuri” entered. Before the 12th grade, he studied data structures and algorithms that were used for schoolchildren olympiads.

“I was hired on my 4th attempt to get an internship at Google. After the internship, I was employed for a full-time job. First, they review your resume and if they like it, you get an interview. If you overcome this, then you will be tempted to work with the Google employee, whom you should work with on the project during the summer.

The fact that I was an intern at Imo for 6 months helped me to achieve this goal.

The main office of both of them is in “Silicon Valley”, where I traveled with both companies. I’m currently working at Google’s London office. ”

Tornike Mandzulashvili holds the position of software engineer (software) in Google.

Source: Marketer