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“You are Now in the Queue”– Georgia in Waiting Mode for Super Cup Tickets

The exclusive retailer of the UEFA Super Cup 2015 tickets Biletebi.ge finally started selling the tickets today. The website re-launched operating after a week-long technical set-back that left the Georgian society aggravated. 

Technical manager of Biletebi.ge Giorgi Chkhikvishvili told the media today that the problem has been fixed and the website is ready to sell the tickets. UEFA experts also contributed to fixing the website, he said. 

“Per minute 50 individuals will be able to visit the web page. They will be assigned a number in the queue and told the approximate time when they will be able to buy the ticket. One individual will be able to buy a maximum of 4 tickets per visit,” Giorgi Chkhikvishvili told the press. 

This way the process of obtaining the tickets has become even more wearisome. People found themselves assigned a number ranging from 1 to 200,000, to obtain the 30,000 available seats. 

“Up until this moment 1,200 tickets have been sold. There are 104,562 people in the line currently,” reads Biletebi.ge’s post from several hours ago.

“You are now in the queue” — reads the Biletebi.ge slit that the ticket-buyers were assigned after finally accessing the website. The slit also shows the number of one’s position in the   UEFA Super Cup virtual queue. 

Biletebi.ge wait-list slit

Currently, Biletebi.ge is still on stand-by. “Dear Football Fans, Tickets will be available through this website, so please return from 9.00 CET on 1st July.”

This way, Georgia found itself in the waiting mode for the highest profile football game that is going to take place in Tbilisi’s Boris Paichadze Dynamo Arena on August 11, 2015. 

Nino Gojiashvili