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Sean Garnier
Sean Garnier and FCB footballer Neymar

World Famous FreeStyle Footballer Sean Garnier Visits Georgia

French freestyle footballer Sean Garnier will visit Georgia tomorrow, Garnier is world famous footballer.

In 2008, he was declared World Champion at the inaugural Red Bull Street Style World Finals in São Paulo, Brazil. Séan combined music, breakdance, somersaults, various football and basketball elements to his attractive routines.

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He formed his own team dubbed Street Style Society also called S3 Crew, which combines freestyle football, freestyle basketball as well as some other street sport styles. Séan Garnier is actually considered as one of the most skillful football players in the world.

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Sean has a TV project called Sean VS, where he competes with footballers from the most popular football teams, such as Neymar, Ronaldo, Drogba and etc.

Garnier will play in Tbilis streets and everyone interested will have a chance to see his wonderful skills.