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World Cheese Map: Georgia Ranked 10th

The Lenta.ru Russian news agency has named the Georgian cheese of Sulguni among the world’s best cheese products.

The rating has selected only 12 cheese varieties and the Georgian Sulguni ranks 10th in the list. According to the Lenta.ru, cheese is one of the most ancient and important products worldwide. There are many varieties of cheese products like wine, dried fruits and meat. Unlike milk, cheese is preserved for a long time.

There are special attitude to cheese products in many countries. Today cuisine is imaginable without cheese products. The Lenta.ru has conducted a gastronomic trip around the world and the rating is based on the information collected during this travel.

“Today thousands of varieties of cheese products are manufactured in various countries of the world, including soft, strong, new and old, cattle, vegetable, goat milk cheese products and so on. Some sorts are easily cut, others are difficult to cut. There are even some sorts that are not cut, but broken”.