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Women’s Empowerment Campaign Kicks Off in Georgia

“We Need Equality”– a national campaign for women’s political and economic rights kicked off in Georgia with a launch event in Tbilisi, on Rustaveli Avenue, at the 1st Classical Gymnasium.

The campaign was announced by Niels Scott, Head of the United Nations in Georgia; Tamar Chugoshvili, First Vice Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia and Chair of the Gender Equality Council; Helena Sancho, First Secretary of the Embassy of Sweden in Georgia, and Sophio Japaridze, Assistant to the Prime Minister of Georgia on Human Rights and Gender Equality.

The event featured interactive installations about gender equality facts in Georgia, and invited all interested to take part in quizzes and contests.  After this first introduction in Tbilisi, the campaign “We Need Equality” will roll out to the other regions of the country.

“We will reach out for every region of Georgia to stir public discussion about the benefits of equal representation of men and women in all areas of life, as well as about the reasons behind the low involvement of Georgian women in political decision-making and economic activities,” Niels Scott said.

“Georgian women are capable and willing to achieve more. Yet, there are only 23 women among 150 members of the Parliament, and only two women among 69 heads of municipalities.  None of the elected mayors, nor a single governor is a woman, and representation of women in local councils does not exceed 12 percent. It’s high time for Georgia to give more power and create real opportunities for women,” he went on to say.

Tamar Chugoshvili, First Vice Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, pointed out that the Parliament is currently debating mandatory gender quotas for party lists to ensure better representation of women in elective bodies.

“I am one of the most fervent supporters of increasing women’s participation in politics. A draft bill on mandatory quotas was recently submitted to Parliament, with more than 30 thousand signatures attached. I believe that Parliament’s support for this initiative would mean an important step forward in political empowerment of women,” she said.

The campaign “We Need Equality” is carried out by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) under the UN Joint Programme for Gender Equality in Georgia funded by the Government of Sweden.