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Welcome Spring with Perfect Shape – Care about Your Health and Beauty Starts at Georgia Palace

We already left grey winter days behind and started gradually enjoying warm spring days. Not only the days, but even our wardrobe became more colorful. We replace dark colors with light and joyful ones, warm clothes with lighter ones. Spring brings good mood and happiness along with warm days.

In spring, we actively start “spring diets”, “losing weight for the beach season”, “shedding some kilos for the new colorful dress”. Reasons are countless but the idea that accompanies spring is to permanently be in good shape… Though we don’t forget it in winter either!

You will agree that fighting cellulite and excess weight is a rather difficult and tiring process, it takes lots of energy and time. However, there are procedures such as endermology that stand by you in this difficult process and effectively participate in body correction.

Endermology belongs to the category of body therapy that removes cellulite and restores blood circulation, reduces fat tissue, firms skin and gives it elasticity, has a special anti-cellulite effect, improves skin tone, makes it younger, gets rid of swelling and hyperemia!

The high class hotel Georgia Palace is located on the Black Sea coast. Its special location has medicinal features.

At this time of the year, it is especially beautiful. In the century-old garden surrounding the hotel you will clearly see how grey plants regain various colours.

With the weather improving every day, it becomes more pleasant to visit coastal cities, walk along the beach… Especially in a hotel where all comfort is created for your entertainment, relaxation, and most importantly – taking care of your health and beauty.

So, without wasting time, visit Georgia Palace and try for yourself the magic effect of endermology.

With the help of an ultramodern equipment, you will be able to eliminate a big problem in its initial stage. We can freely call it health and beauty in one procedure.

Taking care of your health starts with us.