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Waste Sorting Started in Tbilisi

Waste Sorting Started in Tbilisi

Goodwill joins Green initiative – On August 4, at the Goodwill hypermarket, the corner for waste sorting opened.

In the latter mentioned corner it is possible to sort for aluminum cans, plastic (PET) bottles, paper and plastic bags that will be transmitted to one private company for reprocessing instead of the throwing them away on the landfill.

Goodwill is the first hypermarket in Georgia, where the “green” initiative is gaining momentum.

The project is implemented within the framework of USAID- program “Waste Management Technologies in Regions”, in collaboration with the waste collection company “Clean World“.

Hence, Goodwill enables its customers to reduce the amount of waste in the landfills and thus it contributes to form healthier environment.

Waste separation and recycling is essential to the implementation of integrated management approach of the commitments to which the country took over the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and the relevant legislation and policy documents.

Effective recycling relies on effective sorting. Separating the different elements found in waste streams is essential for enabling the recovery of useful materials, minimizing the amount of material sent to landfill and allowing recyclable materials to find a new incarnation. Companies sort and recycle materials in order to extract value, but those operating in EU Member States are also bound by EU rules and regulations relating to the environment.

The program “Waste Management Technologies in Regions” (WMTR) is financially supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and is implemented by the cities and counties of the International Management Association (ICMA) in cooperation with local subcontractors CENN.