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Photo/ Tamuna Karumidze

Vogue: At Home With the Most Stylish Girl in Tbilisi

World fashion media outlet Vogue, publishes an article about Georgian girl, who they call the most stylish girl in Tbilisi.

At first glance, Nini Nebieridze doesn’t act like your typical It girl. A visit at home with the 20-year-old in Tbilisi, Georgia, is an exercise in youthful insouciance: She’s shoveling her face with bean gruel and hunks of warm bread, chugging a Coca-Cola, and wearing a highlighter yellow Supreme top with a vintage tangerine orange track jacket.

Despite this diet, Nebieridze is one of the most sought after models in the city, in no small part due to her reputation as Tbilisi’s premiere out-on-the-town cool girl, with a mouthful of braces, mop of curls, and the shrug-it-off attitude that allows her to throw on any piece of clothing—regardless of label—with indifferent ease to match.

And about those labels, Nebieridze’s wardrobe is heavy on designer talent, from waist-cradling Loewe croc-print metallic pants to the hard-to-cop rubbery-looking tablecloth-patterned Vetements boots, alongside plenty of Margiela and MM6. But it’s more than an allegiance to the “right” designers.


Nebieridze’s head-turning style could have something to do with her eye for secondhand. “I go to thrift shops,” she says. “And here in Georgia, you can buy clothes by the kilogram!” The result? A slinky blue slip dress is met with a fat faded-orange coat plucked from a mass of secondhand clothes in Tbilisi, an Acne Studios denim skirt is paired with a cheeky soccer polo pulled from a musty bin in Berlin, and those Loewe trousers are topped by a semi see-through black blouse and tank top set bought from a thrift store in Turkey.

It’s the sort of dated costume that is typically reserved for buxom grandmothers of the region. But on Nebieridze, it becomes a smoldering constellation, complete with a metallic smile to match, reflecting all the shine in the world. It girl, indeed.