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Visit Chateau Mukhrani and Discover Lots of Novelties

The one of a kind, sophisticated race of the Chateau Mukhrani premium wine will become your time machine and take you on a journey to the 19th century. You will feel yourself a part of the time when after a trip to France one of the Bagration dynasty, Ivan Mukhranbatoni started implementing the French concept of “chateau” in Georgia.

In the historical labyrinth of Bagrationi located 25 minutes away from Tbilisi you will find history and a lot of legends of the Georgian royal family. It has been a long time since Chateau Mukhrani started hosting tours and events of various type, scale, and importance. Visiting this place, you can see the sights of a 19th century palace, underground wine cellars, a modern winery, vineyards, and also try delicious dishes in the Royal Marani 1878 restaurant.

This year Chateau Mukhrani carried out many interesting projects and today offers its guests a lot of novelties and new event spaces: A beautiful, sophisticated event hall of Chateau Mukhrani bordering vineyards on the one side and the palace on the other, has the capacity of 450 guests and is suitable for any event throughout the year: weddings, birthdays, conferences, teambuilding activities.

A French garden created under the inspiration of the French royal gardens with no analogues in Georgia, is full of various vegetables, fruit, and exotic plants. The French garden of Chateau Mukhrani is good both as a sight and as a place for relaxing.

Three main buildings located on the area of 2,000 square meters: a wine hall, a vodka distillery, and a traditional bakery – having all of it in one space will prove to be really exotic to guests from any part of the world.

Chateau Mukhrani guests will have the possibility to visit a traditional Georgian place and directly participate in various culinary and traditional Georgian activities.

Source: travelingeorgia