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Valentine’s Day in Georgia: Where to Go?

Going out for Valentine’s Day dinner is a tradition that needs to go.  There is nothing more romantic than wandering through the city, across bridges, along quiet streets. Start anywhere in the center and just wander. Maybe stop along the way for a snack or a drink.

Here are the top ideas where to go on Valentine’s day in Georgia.

Zipline Narikala in Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Zipin Tbilisi

Couples who love extreme adventures can enjoy the scenery of the city’s popular botanical garden from a bird’s eye perspective after a zip line running above the park.

Strung from the hilltop Narikala Fortress overlooking the city, the line is suspended 30 metres above the park and runs 270 meters to its destination platform.

Zipline is open until 8:00 PM and costs 30 GEL per person.

Room Escape Games at Brain Drain Tbilisi

Brain Drain – creates amazing experience and unforgettable adventure for couples who are looking for innovative  progressive and interactive forms of entertainment.

Brain Drain Tbilisi “Branch is located in the center of the town #2 Mari Brose street and costs 80 GEL.

brain drain

Cosy Couches at Amirani cinema

Newest addition to Amirani cinema, where couples can rest and watch their favorite movie.

Bar REPUBLIC – Cupid Party

This Valentine’s Day Republic hosts Zurich based DJ and producer Jimi Jules together with Beast & Beauty’s lovely performance.

Love Lock Bridge Opening at East Point

On February 14, 4 PM, love Lock Bridge opening at East Point.

Love locks are a symbol of love and commitment. LoveLocks, have been inspired by an ancient custom, which is believed to have originated in China – where lovers lock a padlock on a chain or gate and then throw away the key, symbolically locking their love forever.

The first 100 of couple will get prizes from several shops.

Love bridge near Tbilisi sulfur baths

Like any other city, Tbilisi has its love lock bridge. If you are traveling here with a loved one, leave a lock and make some memories.


A musical, theatrical play and romantic comedy telling a story about Georgia and its people by combining song, dance, culture, traditions, history, national costumes and local cuisine. The play features around 20 traditional Georgian songs and dances performed live on stage by 18 actors who will take you on a journey from Maro’s wine cellar to the feast table, where you’ll be welcomed with world-renowned Georgian hospitality for an evening of humor, romance and a taste of true Georgia and all its traditions.

Most dialogue is in English (or subtitled Georgian), and both text and songs include numerous interesting facts about the country that every Georgian is proud of!

Step inside the World of Georgian Music, Dance, Traditions, Culture and History!

Doors Open: 19:00.

Spend a day at Turtle or Lisi Lakes

Drink Georgian wine at 8000 Mosavali

All wines presented at 8000 mosavali bar and shop are carefully selected through blind tasting by the Independent Tasting Commission. Selection is based on the organoleptic qualities and we make sure that wines do not carry any kind of disease.