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Georgian Qvevri

UN Office to Expose Georgian Qvevri in It Yard

A Georgian Qvevri will be placed at the yard of the UN office in Geneva in relation to the 70th anniversary of the UN foundation.

The Georgian government plans to send a Georgia Qvevri (pitcher) as UNESCO-recognized an intangible culture heritage monument to the UN office.

The official ceremony for installing the Qvevri will be held on March 1, 2016. The Georgian Foreign Minister and the director general of the UN office will address the event participants.

A memorial plaque will be unveiled as part of the event. A documentary will be demonstrated about the Georgia winemaking and Georgian wines will be tasted.

Clay pitcher with original design will be placed in yard of the UN office in Geneva. The pitcher was made in the village of Makatubani in Georgia and it contains Georgian and English inscription – Georgia – საქართველო.

The event is organized by the Georgian Foreign Ministry, the National Wine Agency and the Georgia’s permanent representation in the UN department in Geneva.