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Two Large Scale Events on 24-25 December in Tbilisi to Support Israel Diplomacy


On 24-25 December, Israel official delegation will take part in the event to celebrate Hanukkah and Tbilisi will also host First International Hasbara Forum with the support of Israel Diplomacy.

Representative delegation from Israel will visit Tbilisi on 23 December and these will be: The vice-speakers of Parliament Hilik Bar and Tali Ploskov, the head of parliament government coalition David Bitan, Israel Deputee Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely, journalists of Israel’s leading TV channels and information agencies, Washington Post analyst, businessmen , as well as Israel supporting organizations in Europe and wold Jews leaders from Germany, Canada, Australia and Poland.

The organizer of the large-scale events is “Israel house”, with the support of Jewish Embassy. Israel House will have a presentation of work results after 3 years of working in Opera State Theater.

Israel house was created 3 years ago with the initiative of president of Georgian-Israel Business chamber, Itsik Moshe and aimed to promote Hasbara and deepen the relations between two countries. With the support of Israel house, the representatives of Jewish government, business, High Technology, Tourism Industry and Media visited Georgia.

The pilot project of Israel House was implemented with the support of Parliament vice-speaker Hilik Bar and the head of government coalition, Davit Bitan.


As the founder of Israel House, Itsik Moshe noted, there have been three outcomes: Hasbara implementation international model was created which will  also work in other countries, strengthening relations with Georgia has become an example for relations with other partner countries and finally, after 3 years of work, Georgian-Jewish relations are in the right format. 

With the participation of Israel delegation, the first large-scale event is planned on 24th of December at 19.30 in Opera State House, where they will celebration Jewish holiday Hanukkah and light the first hanukkah candle.

Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili, the head of parliament, Irakli Kobakhidze, parliamentarians and Jewish ambassador, Shabtai Tsur will attend the event. The Jewish ambassador will make a speech in front of the audience. Georgian singer will perform Jewish compositions and a famous pianist Eliso Bolkvadze will play classical music.

Israel delegation visit in hotel “Biltmore” will start at 09.00 and will be concerning Israel international challenges, Hasbara and the forum of Near East issues. The Minister of foreign affairs, Tsipi Khotovely and vice-speaker Khilk Bar will have a report about the Israel politics of neighbouring countries.


During the visit in Tbilisi, it is planned that Georgian and Israel delegation will open 3 million Jewish investment project construction together.

At the end of the visit, there will be final meeting with Jewish Ambassador, Shabtay Tsur.