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Georgian Graduate Appointed As Software Engineer at Google Inc

Giorgi Megreli is a TSU graduate. He graduated MA of Mathematics and Natural Sciences last year and found a job at Google soon after. Giorgi had a long way until he got a confirmation from Google. He had to pass 8 , 45 minutes long interviews to answer technical questions and write program codes and he got a positive answer in 10 days. Currently, he works in Google’s London Office.

“The interview wasn’t very difficult but rather stressful since it was my first time to have had an interview with such a big company. After few different stages, I got a positive answer 10 days later. I felt more confident and it made me really happy. I would advise students and graduates to work hard because they can learn a lot at the university but learning on your own is something you should do in addition”-said Giorgi Megreli.

Giorgi lives in London with his wife, Ana Khulelidze and he is currently working on one of the projects. He is going to stay in London at least one more year and maybe he will move to another office later. He is going to keep working for google because he likes many things about it.