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Tsinandali – Where Wine and Muses Live Together

Tsinandali is a manorial estate of Georgian noble house Chavchavadze and a popular place not only for wine lovers. Located in Kakheti region of Georgia, 168 kilometers away from Tbilisi, Tsinandali is open for people with different tastes and interests.

For wine lovers

The very first winery in the Alazani Valley was established here.

You can walk in the 19th century cellar while drinking wine made in 21th century and enjoy the unique collection of approximately 16.500 wine bottles from different countries. Here you can also see  a dusty bottle of Saperavi wine made in year 1836 by the owner of the manor, Alexander Chavchavadze.

For those who seek muses

A British style park, designed by British gardeners in 19th century retains to this day it’s unique appearance which we so often like in movies.

Thematic photography, microphotography, family photos, interior photography, or just any kind of creative experiments – Tsinandali is a perfect place for this. It’s diverse landscape just won’t leave you without inspiration.

For dreamers

There is the “Alley of Love”, and as local legend says, if one walks it from end to end with their eyes closed, will have their conceived wish fulfilled.

Source: globetrekker

For nature lovers

You want to enjoy the beauty of Georgia’s nature, but hiking or camping is problematic for you, or you just don’t like the wilderness? Then Tsinandali awaits you with its many hectares of bamboo groves, meadows, evergreen alleys and centuries-old trees, exotic flowers, pomegranates, grape alleys and boxwoods.

And after laying and relaxing on grass, under the trees, you can go to park’s cafe, where you can have some coffee, tea and churchkhelas.

For those interested in history 

The Chavchavadze family were in the center of public attention from the very beginning and were very popular among the aristocracy.

Alexander Griboyedov read his “woe from wit” for the first time to the society gathered in Tsinandali. Poems by Georgian poet  Nikoloz Baratashvili dedicated to Catherine (daughter of Alexander) were also read first in the salon of Tsinandali.

In July 1854 forces of the North Caucasus commander Imam Shamil attacked the palace, set it on fire and kidnapped Lady Anna Chavchavadze together with her children and their nannies but later they were all freed.

For those with kids

Little humans love playing more than anything and Tsinandali park is a perfect place for them. Here no one will forbid the running on meadows, climbing on trees, or playing hide and seek in mazes of boxwood.

Photo source: georgiaabout.com

 Pleasant end of the day

After visiting the bustling historical monuments and churches, Tsinandali will meet you with peace, beautiful landscapes  and harmony.

Source: globetrekker