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Tsinandali Museum Will Display French Artworks this Season

Exhibition season opens at Alexander Chavchavadze Museum from September 19 to 24th  with the contemporary French artists Francois-Marie Anthonioz and Mino’s exhibition. The display is organized by Silk Road Group, Silknet company and by the Embassy of France in Georgia.

Tsinandali Palace has always been a host to French culture and has been visited by such prominent French as Chevalier Gamba, Alexander Duma and others. Keeping the tradition, the exhibition hall hosts two French artists today.

Francois Marie

Francois-Marie Anthonioz, was born in 1949 in Paris in a respected French family. In his childhood, he had opportunities to meet many well-known artists and writers. After graduating from Sorbonne University, he became a laureate of the Casa Velazquez in the Rome and French Academy contest. Francois-Marie was influenced by the cubist painter Henri Boden.

Mino’s work is about merging art into architecture, his works are displayed at Ministry of Culture in Paris and National Center of Literature.

With their art, Francois-Marie and Mino, create an interesting niche of French culture. Paintings, small sculptures and also reliefs will be displayed at the exhibition.