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Tsezar Chocheli: Escaping From Media Has Cost Me Dearly

Blitz interview with Founder and President of Georgian companies Zedazeni and Barambo Tsezar Chocheli, as he shares his working peculiarities and the path to success.

I am an economist and commodity expert by profession.

I started my first job before I turned 15 years old. I used to work as a haymaker in the Akhalgori District collective farm. By the way, in that period, we beat the haymaking record.

The first salary was 850 Rubles. This was a huge amount in that period. I used to receive the salary in accordance with the volume of the performed work.

I feel wonderful at work when the plans proceed successfully. When you achieve the determined plan, you feel the best. The result is very important in business.

I go to the office every day, at about 9-10 o’clock.

Having got to the office, I first examine the situation at the enterprise. It is necessary to learn in  the morning how the enterprise finished the previous evening, whether there are any problems and so on.

If there is any field, where I would never work – When thinking of this, I realize that I could not work elsewhere beyond the business sector. Entrepreneurship is everything for me.

I drink Zedazeni beer ,because I like Czech beer, in general. Consequently, Zedazeni resembles the Czech Beer most of all.

I like Barambo chocolates very much. I give preference to the Barambo chocolate than to foreign brands’ chocolates. I am the largest consumer of the Barambo chocolate that is sold in Georgia.

There are a lot of main things in this life.  Honesty, devotion and hard work are the chief and decisive factors.

What am I afraid of the most? I do not know. In general, people should not be afraid of anything, because there is nothing insuperable in this life. However, I believe a person should only fear God.

I had huge plans and I have to fulfill these plans. I mean the further expansion and development of the business. At this stage, I have performed only a small part of these plans and I have to do still a lot in this sector.

Career plans is not a ground to be ready to do anything. Anyway, it is easier to make a career in the business sector than in other fields, because the business chooses only the best ones.

I love traveling, but I lack for due time. To be frank, 20 years have passed without trips and vacations. I travel much, but for only business purposes.

The country where I would live with much pleasure. I have not thought about this. I will think of leaving for foreign countries after having built all planned plants.

Communication with reporters was not my priority, but now I appreciate these contacts. Previously, I did not like communicating with the media and I have paid a price because of this. However, it is better late than never. I realized this moment later. Despite my positions in the state sector or the business, it was not my lifestyle to expose my activities. Therefore, I used to escape extra appearance and posing at print media and TV companies. It was a mistake. Now I have changed my strategy and attitude.

I have no favorite dish, because I think Georgian cuisine is very diverse and it is difficult to give preference to some dish. Starting with the simplest, for example, barbecue and ending with sophisticated dishes. I like all Georgian dishes very much.

I often drink wine and I like wishing welfare and longevity to my homeland.

Judo is my favorite sports.

I like many athletes, including those who have brought success to Georgia. We have very distinguished athletes. It is difficult to give preference to some of them. I am proud for the French wrestler Rimer.

I love football too. Previously, I was a Tbilisi Dynamo FC fan. Now I am Barcelona FC fan.