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Traveller Youtube Vloggers Share their Experience in Georgia

Travel vlogs become popular day by day. It’s always interesting to take a look of people’s experiences before heading to a new country, as it’s more lively, real and interesting.

Here are some youtubers who shared their experience in Georgia, and each of them are unique.

Indigo Traveller 

Nick is a traveler from New Zealand, traveled 54 countries and 4 continents so far. He’s still travelling and and releases videos of countries around the world. Georgia is one of them, where local market and interacting with people happened to be the most inspiring for him.

Jovita George

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger compiled travel guide of Tbilisi, consisting of things to do in the capital and visa requirements for international travelers.

”Georgia is one of the most beautiful, yet one of the most under-rated countries I’ve traveled to ! In this video, I’m sharing my experience of the Old Town of Tbilisi, which is the capital city of Republic Of Georgia, or like the locals call it, Sakartvelo. The architecture, the juxtaposition of old castles & churches against modern monuments is beautiful!”-describes vlogger.

Way Away

American couple like to experience other people and cultures around the world. Josh and Ashley Brown recorded more than one video about traveling in Georgia. The one above is taking Tbilisi free walking tour in Old Town.

Jess on a Quest

Jess explores the old city of Tbilisi and describes as beautifully, rustic city with interesting culture. Of course, food gets a lot of attention of a traveler, as usual.

Natasha Amar

Natasha, Dubai based traveler, blogger and writer shares:

”I loved Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia for how lively it is, the contrast between the old town and newer areas, friendly locals, amazing food, incredible wine (and so affordable, you guys), and the not-to-be-missed theater scene. So I made this video to take you around Tbilisi over two days so you can stop making excuses and book your flights now! Get the best of 48 Hours in Tbilisi!”

By Nina Gomarteli

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