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Travel Time from Turkey to Azerbaijan Will Half

The travel time from the Red Bridge checkpoint at the Georgian-Azerbaijani border to the Sarpi checkpoint at the Georgian-Turkish border will be reduced to four hours, said the Head of the Road Department at the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Irakli Karseladze.

Large-scale infrastructure projects have been planned for the country, and Karseladze briefed representatives of the diplomatic corps.

“The total length of the corridor and travel time will be reduced. While it takes seven to eight hours to cover the section from the Red Bridge to Sarpi, after the completion of this work the time will decrease to 4–4.5 hours. The speed of movement on a number of sections of the road will increase by 80-100 percentactually double,” Karseladze said.

He noted that in the near future the ministry plans to announce a tender for construction work on the Ricot Pass, which connects western and eastern Georgia. Also, changes are planned on the section of the Kvesheti-Kobi road, which will be part of the Mtskheta–Stepantsminda–Lars highway of international importance. This road leads to the Kazbegi-Upper Lars customs and border checkpoint on the Georgian-Russian border.

It is planned to construct a road with a total length of more than 50 kilometers, which will have 96 bridges and 53 tunnels, Trend reports.

As for Kvesheti-Kobi, a 22.7 kilometers road is planned, which will have six bridges and five tunnels. One of the tunnels, with a length of nine kilometers, will be the longest in Georgia.

About $2 billion will be spent for the implementation of these projects.