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Things to Experience This Fall in Georgia

Autumn flies by in a flash in Georgia, so take advantage of the crisp weather and beautiful foliage with this list of fun things to do in the fall.


Immerse in the colorful life in Botanical Garden

Floral life gets more diverse in Botanical Garden, Tbilisi during the fall, which can be a great way to spend calm weekend, along the waterfall and wander for a couple of hours in tree-filled paths, which stretch more than a kilometre up the valley beneath the cliffs of Narikala Fortress.

Dive in art at GIFT Festival

Georgian International Festival of Arts in Honor of MiKheil Thumanishvili (Georgian Theater Director). The GIFT Festival is an annual celebration bringing the best of the visiting arts in Tbilisi, as well as leading our country’s unique cultural profile internationally.GIFT will take start from October 15, lasting until November 23.

Day Trip to Mtskheta

Mtskheta is an ancient town of a great importance in Georgian history, located about 20km out of Tbilisi. Sometimes you just need a breath of relatively smog-less air, to a moment of take a walk in less packed streets, hearing less honking. The view from the fortresses that can be found anywhere must be a nice option for a day trip.

Sample Various Wines in Kakheti Region

Where should one go during vintage if not Kakheti?! You’ll get a chance to visit any winery, which might be a trouble in winter, as not all of them are operating. Spending warm days in a small, local cellar, tasting varieties of wine and maybe even having a small tour in the vineyard seems like a perfect experience that fall can offer.

Get Spooky For Halloween!

Halloween might not be a part of Georgian culture, although locals, especially young people take this celebration seriously. I think, it’s due to the fact, that Georgians used to have a costumed annual event- called Berikaoba and others. Nowadays, Halloween integrated easily and events are usually held in almost every bars or clubs of Tbilisi.

Admire Sandro Botticelli’s Venus

Sandro Botticelli’s Venus will be exhibited at the National Museum of Georgia until November 30. The goddess might be a symbol of the coming spring, but the Venus’s long golden hair sweeping gracefully still can embrace the fall mood.

Soak up the last Sun rays in Vake Park

If you don’t have time to escape the city, Vake Park is a nice choice to pretend you did so. There are some bicycle rentals to enjoy swirling the leaves and be outdoorsy until winter hits. Or, forge your own adventure by following random paths in it.

By Nina Gomarteli

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