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“Thief in Lagodekhi” Published with Support of EU Funding

“Thief in Lagodekhi”, written by Emmanuelle Chevallier, Julia Böttger and Raphela Holzer, is a book aiming to promote the Lagodekhi Protected Areas. Additionally, its objective is to raise awareness of the impacting environmental and waste management issues.

On October 31, the managerial building of the Lagodekhi Protected Areas presented the “Thief in Lagodekhi”.

Moreover, the Giorgeti, Kabali and Heretiskari public schools introduced to the book to their primary class students. The children were involved in the presentation and participated in various educational games targeting environmental issues.

Furthermore, the representatives of the Natural Resources Protection of Georgia and the Environmental Information and Educational Center of the Ministry of Environment frequented the event. The representatives were accompanied by the Resource Center of the Ministry of Education of Georgia and LAG Council members.

In addition, the Local Protected Areas will introduce and release the book in France and Germany.

By: Maria Bakh