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The Reason Explained About Passenger Registration Delay on August 10

The reason of the issue for registration of passengers in Tbilisi International Airport on August 10 was the breakdown of the network of the international aviation communications company (SITA) in Tbilisi.

Orange Business Service, partner company of SITA, informed TAV Georgia about the  mentioned fact. The abovementioned letter confirmed once again that the systemic problem found in the incoming channel of the aviation communications network was due to independent reasons from Tbilisi International Airport.

Please see the excerpt from the official letter of Shalva Klimiashvili, Representative of Orange Business Service, SITA Partner Company:

About the incident that took place at Tbilisi International Airport, namely 10.08.2017, from 3:00:

The information that SITA’s superior office provided us about delay:

The reason is a breakdown of communication equipment in Tbilisi SITA’s partner network.

Currently, technical errors in Tbilisi SITA partner Orange Business Service network are eliminated.

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