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The First Georgian Writer at the Chinese forum ‘StoryDrive’

StoryDrive is one of the biggest literary events held in China, and took place from 28 May to 1 June. This year for the first time ever, China’s literary world welcomed a Georgian author to StoryDrive in Beijing, where Georgia was represented by Giorgi Kekelidze.

Giorgi Kekelidze is the Georgian author, who is also director of the Georgian National Library, he also took part in the literary conference with his books The Gurian Diaries and Tales about Thomas. The StoryDrive programme includes a total of 20 speakers from around the world.

StoryDrive is a cross-media platform by the Frankfurter Buchmesse that has been held in Frankfurt, Argentina, Singapore and China since 2012. The aim of the event is to put the spotlight on development trends, to intensify collaboration on an international level in the publishing industry, and to discover new forms of collaboration and business models that transcend media boundaries in the field of literature.

Giorgi Kekelidze’s Gurian Diaries has already been published in Italy with support from the Georgian National Book Center (translated into Italian by Natia Sulava and published by Litiri Editore). Kekelidze’s second book Tales about Thomas (translated into Chinese by Anna Goguadze) will soon be published in China by China Translation & Publication House.