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The City Hall Received New General Plan of Tbilisi

Tbilisi City Hall received a new general plan of land use. Consequently, the development of the capital until 2030 is determined by the plan made by the City Institute.

The term of acceptance of a new general plan has been changed several times since the management of Tbilisi demanded to specify mechanisms necessary for the functioning of the plan, which will be especially relevant at the stage of its execution. Tbilisi has a renewed general plan as a result of several years of joint work, which will deal with the most important issues in regards to the direction of city development.

Mamuka Salukvadze, director of City Institute Georgia, said that the General Plan’s group expresses its willingness to consult the city hall and provide maximum support for the future actions of the renewed plan.

“Zoning issues have been improved and compliance with legislation; The map has been completed, the construction permits have been created, the thematic maps are done that includes greenery; Determined the ways of solving property issues, maximizing the rights of owners; Implementation of effective tools for restraint, for geological development, and areas of construction. It is noteworthy that in the presented general plan, the design and arrangement of the four new parks will be planned and the 11 plan of the construction, “said Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze.

Tbilisi City Council will approve a new general plan in the nearest future. The document itself cost 2.8 million GEL to the capital city.